4 best exercises with the Power bag

Nowadays the leaders in exercise routines have interesting gadgets that make training and exercising more appealing. These put more emphasis on functional design and targeting those hard to tone places.

One such device is the Power Bag: a series of bags with various sizes and handles that increase the variability of use. The surface of the bag is made of watertight material under which is soft padding. The interior consists mostly of loose heavy material, typically sand, which forms the actual weight load. Other varieties are also available with liquid content, which also makes it possible to set different loads.

An important factor about this tool is its inclusion of balance and aid in stabilization. Because the filling moves, it requires constant balance from the body to hold it stable, causing your muscles to contract and be on constant alert. Therefore, you work and connect muscles you don’t even know you have. The main benefit is that by involving the musculature, you improve function of the spine and help strengthen and protect it.

Below you can find our top 4 Power Bag exercises that are sure to help show immediate results and push your training to a whole new level:

1 . Jump squats

An excellent exercise that focuses on the leg muscles. It helps to improve their power and build up core strength. In this dynamic exercise you're aiming mainly to rebound for the perfect body core workout.

Exercise: Place the Power Bag forward and do a classic deep squat and then dynamically reflect upward and continue the operation. Do 20 jump squats x 3 sets. Rest 60 seconds between each set.

power bag 1 power bag 2

2 . Power Market

This exercise mimics the classic variant of the force you gain with the Barbell. It’s an ideal option that practices that basic exercise.

Exercise: Begin in a squat position. While holding the bag with both hands on the ground, begin to rise into a standing position. Flip the Power Bag upwards toward yourself with one smooth motion to get it over your head. Pause in that position and then slowly lower the Power Bag back towards the floor and repeat the movement again from the squat. Do 3 sets x 10 reps. Rest 60 seconds between each set.

power bag 3 power bag 4

3 . Lunge forward with the Power Bag behind your back

This is an exercise that enhances your arms and legs but also aims to boost the trunk muscles to their peak condition.

Exercise: The default position is standing, while holding the Power Bag behind the back against the shoulder. Move a step forward into a lunge and try to keep a still, upright position. Alternate legs and take in a series of 20 reps x 3 sets. Rest 60 seconds between each set.

power bag 5 power bag 6

4 . Rotate the Power Bag in the seat

Very soon after the beginning of this exercise, you will appreciate its focus on the abdominal area. The oblique abdominal muscles have to really work to make this exercise applicable.

Exercise: Start in a sitting position and hold the bag in front of the chest. Then dynamically rotate from side to side with an emphasis on changing the direction. An easier version of this exercise is with the legs on the ground and a more complex version is with the feet suspended in the air. Rotate 30 seconds x 3 series. Rest 60 seconds between each set.

power bag 7 power bag 8

The Power bag is a perfect variation to your exercise routine emphasizing a functional way of training. Try it out and enjoy the results, but make sure you choose the proper weight to your fit level. Our trainers are happy to help. Read also about Deadlifting - it is not just for men

Vít Živný
Personal Trainer
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